As you may notice from my musical catalog and activity as of the last few years, I’ve really been dormant.  That’s why I declare the summer of 2018 as the official Summer of Forekast.  What this means is that I’ll be releasing tons of new music.

Up first, at the start of June 2018, we have the debut of my first concept (artist) album in seriously over 5 years.  This is an ambient / experimental album with lots of cinematic influences and soundscapes that will truly take you on a journey through sound.  The project will be released under my ‘Love in Color’ moniker, and I will be printing a limited run of 100 hard copy CDs that I will be shipping out personally to those who order (with a thank you note).  The album will also be available digitally for 100% free to listen to and download, but you can also send a $ tip if you’d like as well.

It’s been a crazy time working on the ‘Love In Color’ album titled ‘Lifescapes’ and it began at the mid-point of 2013 when I became obsessed with ambient and downtempo music as a whole.  This album reflects an entire journey of developing as a person, artist, and all around with everything going on.  More news to come on that soon.

Additionally, I’m working on an epic 24 track compilation of some lofi hip-hop beats that I plan to release for free sometime in July of 2018.  This will be out on all platforms, and tips can be sent for this too.  It will be coming out under a different moniker than Forekast but I will cross-promote it just the same so you don’t miss you.

I’m even currently working on my dance music related full length album due out at the end of the summer.  This will contain 18 total tracks that I’ve been working on pretty much since 2012 after my last artist album.  It’s been an insane journey working on this but I believe it’s some of my best dance music work yet.

After that, I have another ambient album I plan to release towards the end of this year, but more news will come about that.

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Background Stories LP [2013] - Concept Album

Storms Over Sunset LP [2012] - Concept Album

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Backroads EP [2012] - B-Sides Album

Lost Nights Under City Lights EP [2012] - Debut Album

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